Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cary Grant

There's something indescribably charming and handsome about Cary Grant. He's one of those men with eyes of chocolate and a voice that sets your heart a-flutter whilst continuing to be a perfect gentleman. Bringing Up Baby (1938), directed by Howard Hawks, is one of my all-time favourite films. It was the first I had to analyse at University and is continuously witty and fast-paced with surprisingly effective special effects involving a playful leopard. Cary and Katherine Hepburn are the typical odd couple, and hijinks ensue with misdirections and comic mishaps galore. Cary appears in another screwball by Hawks, Monkey Business (1952), in a similar role opposite Ginger Rodgers. This time he's an uptight chemist rather than professor, but essentially the same character 20 years later. Both times he's caught short wearing women's clothes which I find quite amusing.
I think it's his timelessness that I love about Cary. He's funny and sweet in just the right proportions, and I admit to having a teeny weeny crush on him.So if you get the chance, watch one of these films and it won't be time ill-spent!

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